Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Founded in 2006 by Joshua Jang, fashion label ISBIM (standing for ‘I still believe in Miracles’) has built its reputation in edgy, high end urban wear. But with two new designers at the helm, ISBIM is seeking to rebrand itself as a more directional, and ambitious label. 

New designers Joseph Mow and Heather Rutherford are relative newcomers to the New Zealand fashion scene, and are bringing their fresh perspective to ISBIM. This 2011 S/S cruise collection began with drawing inspiration from the colour palette and texture of the Sahara Desert. But as Heather explains, these inspirations are often just a ‘starting point’, and the end result of the design process can end up leading you somewhere quite different, “That’s the really fascinating part, you can begin with a set of images or ideas, and gradually it evolves and changes until you have something that can often barely resembles where you started. That’s what I like, the unexpectedness of the design journey.”

While trying to expand the label from its origins, both Heather and Joseph want to still pay their respects to ISBIM’s roots. That is quirky, but cool t-shirt designs. In the past this has meant their signature, highly wearable, graphic print tees, and while their will still be plenty of their signature look, both designers are pushing the boundaries of t-shirt design with experimentation in fabric and cut. This is sure to yield some exciting results for Summer 2011!

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