Saturday, September 25, 2010

BRASS + ISBIM Collaboration

The motive power of BRASS (M.K.T.). is to think from its foundation that the best technology lays on manufacturing a SCALE MODEL TRAIN (or Toy Train), which is almost identical to a real train in all aspects except its size, based on the precise casting technique for the parts used in SCALE MODEL TRAIN (or Toy Train). Know-how on such ultra precision parts leads the technology of finished product and is to be the growth factor.

BRASS is proudly making its bridge to fashion world and finding a great partner from other side of the world New Zealand Local Fashion label ISBIM and launched the first BRASSIM range. Both Companies having a great time to conbine thier energy and creation with Indelible signiture drawing of old school BIG BOY train.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


2010 Summer For Southern Hemisphere

Oh My God!! It practically took us 2 years to make the team back to the printers and produce ISBIM's originality again. The brand begun its history back in 2006 to making screen printed shirts on super slick fabrics and contemporary arts graphics. Now it's 2010 but the art is still the same and here we bring you "THIS IS STILL YOUR SHIRT" ISBIM's brand new T-Collection.

 ISBIM team really enjoyed to create the new range and promise that team won't stop the creation on printed tees.

ISBIM 2010~2011 S/S Collection

Awaken Dragon
When a dragon awakes, magic happens and the world looks on in awe. ISBIM follows up its successful 2010 Winter collection with a set of new looks for 2011 Spring/Summer that will help fashionistas awaken their flying fiery beast within.

The hibernating dragon of the Winter season explodes into Summer in exciting new looks that use supernatural fabrics like mothballs and skinhead that bring the buttoned-down beast to life.

To help wake the dragon, established ISBIM designer Joshua Jang is joined by Auckland-trained designer Lan Yu, whose unique sense of fashion combines eastern and western influences to create breathtaking garments.

Lan Yu brings to the new range an outstanding sense of expression through fabrics, and adds her impeccable tailoring and lining skills to the super-stylish understated slickwear ISBIM is famous for.

Awaken Dragon is an accomplished collection and a big step forward for this emerging brand as it fulfils its potential to animate and dominate the New Zealand fashion industry.

ISBIM 2010~2011 S/S Collection

Awaken Dragon Mens

Awaken Dragon Womens

New website of ISBIM is coming soon

Yes, it was a long journey for us to setting up a new site for coming collection. But it is getting ready to be introduced. Please keep on eye on Meanwhile, please find more happenings and news with ISBIM Facebook Group page on!/group.php?gid=121721377861731&ref=ts.