Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Desert Campaign

2011~12 S/S Collection Menswear

2011~12 S/S Collection Womenswear

For this upcoming Spring/Summer, ISBIM takes you on a trip to the desert. No need to pack your gear or saddle your camel. The only requirement is a sense of fashion and adventure. The colour palette for this season is for the most part, light an airy with the occasional dark twist of deep red or black leather thrown in. Fabric is either rough in appearance and textured or smooth, and light. It captures the essence and feel of the desert from all angles

The designs are classic but still contemporary with a few surprises thrown in. They stand apart from all the trends that are so quick to come and go in and out of fashion and have a more timeless, sleek feel. This season ISBIM goes global and is aiming for Asian Market as well as local. In essence we have had to channel a more global style and expand our scope and target market.

The ISBIM man is an urban man. Because of his lifestyle he is confined to the city but not defined by it. While his daily life takes place there, that is not to say that he would feel out of place roughing it out in the middle of the Sahara. He likes to be stylish and well groomed but still likes to keep a more masculine, roughness to his persona and life

For the menswear this season, ISBIM kept it tailored but casual at the same time. Structured pants were softened with a crinkled fabric, reminiscent in appearance of the texture of sand. The trench coat is tailored but sleeveless and cool for summer. Men’s shirts take on a new appeal with subtle detailing that lifts them above everything else on the market. For the ISBIM man this summer, ‘the desert’ means harsh masculinity, softened with light breezy fabrics

The ISBIM woman is no wall flower. She knows exactly where she is going in life, and wants to look fabulous getting there. She feels confident in herself and wants to wear that confidence in the style of her clothing. In her fashion, she wants to stand out from the rest in a style that his elegant and timeless, but contemporary at the same time. She isn’t afraid to take risks, but always seems to com out on top.

This season ISBIM used a lot of natural fibres for womanswear with a lot of silks and cottons. It is the counterpart to the menswear. Where it is harsh and masculine, the womanswear represent the more billowing, romantic side of the desert. She wears romantic billowing shapes that appear to float around the body. Leather is used to great effect to contrast the lighter, more flowing fabrics and give it form and structure. Lightly draped pants can be worn at night just as easily as in the day and are sure to make a dramatic impact. The Moroccan take on the classic Varsity jacket adds, a quirky, more playful, twist to the collection and is set to be a wardrobe favourite.

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