Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Short Story "Continue" by Sarah Ferguson

The story ‘Continue’ written by Sarah Ferguson captures the very essence of the spirit driving the inspiration behind ISBIM’s 2011-2012 Spring/Summer Collection.  The creativity illuminated in the designs portrays an impression of seamlessness and continuity.  The story embodies these impressions with its theme of eternal love.  It follows a young woman through her discovery of her lover’s infidelity and the solace she finds in her book about a Greek Goddess suffering the same betrayal.  As her story unfolds we see profound parallels between the two as the women find new love.  What is shown is that no matter what destiny has in stall for you –love is eternal.

Sarah Ferguson is a young aspiring writer.  This year at age 25 she made a radical shift from studying to be an anthropologist, to following her dreams of becoming a writer.  She is now a post grad English literature student at the University of Auckland.  This year has seen her enjoying all aspects of the craft, experimenting with play writing, poetry, and short stories.  Her poetry is political, her plays are intellectually absurd, and her stories are explorations of an ambitious novice to the art of literature.  For her the journey has only just begun.

The Story will be published online on 18th August.

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