Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Exhibition "Continue"

ISBIM and Rouse magazine are proud to present a collaborative exhibition, ‘Continue’ at House of Hedone on the 28th of July. The word ‘continue’ conjures up a feeling of seamlessness, or ‘continuity’, of course. Our exhibition encompasses the collaborative work of photography (by WHK photography), film (by Oliver Rose), live music (by Esther Stephens), fine art (by Alexis Y.), Short Story (Sarah Ferguson) as well as ISBIM’s Spring/ Summer 2011/12 collection. The continuity throughout the work is inspired by ISBIM’s the latest collection, which was in turn inspired by the drama and harshness of the desert. The exhibition aims to express a sense of optimism, when looking towards the future, and the desire to ‘continue’ onwards in artistic and creative pursuits.

The exhibition starts from 7pm onwards with complimentary food and drink by Rhubarb & Appletree and other sponsors.  Proceeds from art sales go to helping the charity relief effort in Christchurch.

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