Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Show Time!

at Unitec film school studio

entries for the audition

the 1st draft of the master script

It's Show Time! Film! Film! Film!!!

In an artistic collaboration, ISBIM is working on a 'fashion film' for S/S 2011~12. That is, a short film based around the themes and texture of our upcoming summer season. And if you have been keeping up todate on our ISBIM news you would know that the premise of this season we are basing the film upon is the rough beauty and minimalism of the desert. Sounds exciting right? We are currently in the process of finding the perfect people to play the parts in the film and then filming starts straight after so stay tunned! This exciting project is sure to be one to keep an eye on! (and thank you for your hard working team! talented director, passionated producer and creative writer..superb!)

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