Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sampling Time!

The sampling process is always the more exciting stage in the design process. But while you are finally beginning to see all your hard work and effort pay off, you can sometimes hit some very stressful snags.

For example with the comparatively small new Zealand fabric market, and the amount of fabric buyers buying, you may be unlucky enough to find a particular fabric that you toiled around, coloured your range around, organized around, has been brought out by another person. And then there is a mad rush to find something else suitable, or it’s back to the drawing board for another design. Phew!!!

Small as the New Zealand fabric market is, the size and scale of the Charles Parsons fabric warehouse is still mind-blowing. The factory workers use forklifts and other heavy duty and potentially dangerous equipment to deal with the magnitude of this place. The guy, or should I say ‘bloke’, we spoke to about our fabric order was covered in tattoos and looked about as tough as a thick weave denim (that’s pretty tough). We didn’t dare attempt a photo of him! I bet you didn’t know the fabric industry was this hardcore!  

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