Sunday, February 27, 2011

Check Point!


Check it out!

We have just seen the first samples from our machinist for our next season! Looking pretty good! Stay tuned this week for some exciting news on the ISBIM front coming your way! Timing is just so right!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Following the devestating earthquake in Christchurch earlier this week, ISBIM would like to offer their condolences to everyone effected. It is an abosolute tragedy that New Zealand will take a generation to recover from. It is times like these that we all realise how connected we are to eachother in such a small country and how much we owe it to our fellow New Zealanders to get behind them and lend a hand when they are in such dire and awful circumstances. Posessions, houses can all be replaced but at the end of the day it is the people that are the real cost and tragedy this week, which is one lesson we can all learn from such an event. I urge you all to show as much support as you possibly can to our compatriots in the Canterbury. Look after eachother out there x

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Show Time!

at Unitec film school studio

entries for the audition

the 1st draft of the master script

It's Show Time! Film! Film! Film!!!

In an artistic collaboration, ISBIM is working on a 'fashion film' for S/S 2011~12. That is, a short film based around the themes and texture of our upcoming summer season. And if you have been keeping up todate on our ISBIM news you would know that the premise of this season we are basing the film upon is the rough beauty and minimalism of the desert. Sounds exciting right? We are currently in the process of finding the perfect people to play the parts in the film and then filming starts straight after so stay tunned! This exciting project is sure to be one to keep an eye on! (and thank you for your hard working team! talented director, passionated producer and creative writer..superb!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day..

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Hope you have all been spoiled rotten from your loved ones and friends. As the sampling continues for ISBIM, we have been hard at work designing the concepts for our ISBIM signature scarves. Every year ISBIM does few scarves for men and women and this year will be no exception. Here is a sneak peak at what has been inspiring us for the next season! (ps. will make an amazing present for Valentines Day next year!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Menswear Collection

For menswear this season, ISBIM has decided to push itself beyond all previous collections. Inspired by the harsh conditions, colour and texture of the desert, the ISBIM Spring/Summer 2011~12 collection seeks to add a sophisticated, but slightly more rough-around-the-edges feel to urban dressing. 

Where womans wear was minimalist and sensual, the menswear is the antithesis to this aesthetic with sharper tailoring and a more rugged feel. The ISBIM man lives within the city, but chooses not to let the confines of the city define him.

The collection consist of 23 garments, centered around a range of t-shirt and shirts, with a few key jackets, and also the signature ISBIM denim jeans. All pieces are designed for their wearability and verasility and can easily be worn day or night, work or weekend.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sampling Time!

The sampling process is always the more exciting stage in the design process. But while you are finally beginning to see all your hard work and effort pay off, you can sometimes hit some very stressful snags.

For example with the comparatively small new Zealand fabric market, and the amount of fabric buyers buying, you may be unlucky enough to find a particular fabric that you toiled around, coloured your range around, organized around, has been brought out by another person. And then there is a mad rush to find something else suitable, or it’s back to the drawing board for another design. Phew!!!

Small as the New Zealand fabric market is, the size and scale of the Charles Parsons fabric warehouse is still mind-blowing. The factory workers use forklifts and other heavy duty and potentially dangerous equipment to deal with the magnitude of this place. The guy, or should I say ‘bloke’, we spoke to about our fabric order was covered in tattoos and looked about as tough as a thick weave denim (that’s pretty tough). We didn’t dare attempt a photo of him! I bet you didn’t know the fabric industry was this hardcore!  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Womenswear Collection

The womenswear collection consists of 4 dresses (2 more casual, 2 more formal), one pair of harem-ish pants, a varsity-jacket inspired jacket (which has huge moroccan lace sleeves) and then just a few other bits and pieces. We wanted to give the collection a more senual, feminine feel, with light fabrics, billowing etc. A lot of light silk was used, as well as leather ( the type we used has a distinctive crisp, paperish look). We saw a photo of a dried up lake in the desert that had old tangled fishing nets still lying around rusting, and from that i decided to use a bit of mesh that pays reference to those nets.